We offer cooking class at home in Kasugai city in Aichi. Aichi is the middle part of Japan it is 90min from Tokyo less than 1 hour from kyoto and Osaka by bullet train. Our cooking class the  nearest station is Kachigawa station ( JR chuo line) it is only18min from Nagoya station. When you have our lesson we will pick you up at kachigawa station then drive 5min by our car. If you would like to go Japanese supermaket we will stop by the market and go around and explain what you want to know. If you would like to hold the class in Nagoya city we will organize that just feel free to mail us from the contract or booking form.


about us

Instructor: Ayano Kubo 

A Instructor of  Decomochi (decolated mochi).

She grow up in Japanese sevelal cities and learn cooking from her family. She eats a lot of delicious dishes and cook all over the world. She has been English teacher for 9 years. She is family of three, a husband and 6 year son. We look forward to seeing you.