Poison Gas Museum in Okuno Island (rabbits idland)

Okuno Island Poisn Gas Museum. In 1929 to 1945 the end of World second war, the Imperial Japanese Army made the poison gas museum there. The army hid it so the island wasn't on the map for lon time. うさぎ島にある毒ガス資料館。

Honethukidori (leg born chicken steak) at Ikkaku.

Marugame Kagawa's another big local food is ''Honethuki dori '' ( leg born chicken steak ) at Ikkaku. There're old chiken and young chiken, the old chiken is harder but it's really good texture!! Both of them were very tasty!! 骨付き鳥の名店「一鶴」で親鳥とひな鳥!!

Sanuki udon noodles in Marugame Kagawa.

Why we're Marugame in Kagawa? offcauce to eat real Sanuki udon noodles!!

Decorated Mochi ``shikai`` with curry sauce.

My first making Decorated mochi(DecoMochi) is ''shikai'' it means World. We enjoyed the decorated mochi with curry sauce.

Make Udon noodles and ricecake.

My frist cooking class this year is making udon noodles from scratch with two kinds of soup and mochi daifuku with nice guy!! Thank you for coming!! 

Fried rice cake on Kagamibiraki.

''Fried rice cake curry flavor on Kagamibiraki'' Kagamimochi is made by two rice cake then display at home in NewYear. Generally we eat it on 11th January to wish for peaceful and good health for our family, it's called ''kagamibiraki''. I buy plastic Kagamimochi every year there're real rice cake in it to eat. 

Ori coffee in Nagoya

One of our favorite cafes is Ori coffee in Shidami Nagoya. We had lunch there, the bottom is kids meal, the smile one is kofun(ancient tomb) shaped bread it's 600yen and mine is tarako (cod roe) pasta with salad and coffee 800yen. It's 15min on foot from JR Kozoji, Aichi kanjyo line Kozoji, yutorito line Kozoji station

Making rice cake !

Making rice cake(mochi) with lovely lady!! It was her first rice cake experience, I'm very pleasure it, thanks for coming!

Have a great year !!

Have a great year!! 本年もよろしくお願い致します!

Mt. Fuji Decomochi ( rice cake)

my last decomochi(rice cake) in 2017 is Mt Fuji shaped for New Year!!