Homemade cough syrup recipe

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When my family got coughs I always make this syrop it works for my family. Japanese white radish(daikon) is always in my fridge during winter. The recipe in Japanese is the bottom of this blog.日本語のレシピはブログ下部にあります。




・5~10㎝ Japanese white raddish(daikon)

・5~10g honey



(1)Peel the raddish then thinly slice the raddish (daikon) into square around.



(2)Put the cut raddish(daikon) and the honey in a container.


(3)Mix them.


(4)Preserve in the fridge over 1hour.


(5)After 1hour you can see the syrop the syrop is good for the coughs.


(6)Finish the syrop once the raddish and the honey make more syrop once or twice. Also you can eat the raddish (My son really loves to eat this raddish :)




・5~10cm 大根

・5~10g はちみつ











Hope you like it ♪


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