How to make ``Crispy Renkon (lotus root) Pizza`` れんこんピザ

Lotus root (Renkon) is one of Japanese winter vegitable and my family love to eat this Crispy pizza !!

The recipe in Japanese is the bottom of this blog.



・8cm lutus root

・2 slices samon

・60g cheese for pizza

・a little olive oil


<How to make lutus root pizza>

(1) Peel lutus root.

(2) Slice lutus root into paper thin with vegitable slicer.

(3) Boil salmon.



(4) Heat olive oil in a frying pan then place a half of lutus root in a frying pan. 

(5) Place a half of cheese on the lutus root  then put a half of boiled salmon.

(6) Sprinkle rest of cheese,salmon and lutus root.

(7) Turn it over.

(8) It's done!!




・鮭 2切れ


・オリーブオイル 少々












Hope you like it ♪


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