How to make easy TOFU titamisu. 豆腐ティラミス レシピ

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Tofu is one of convenient healthy food I eat various tofu dishes and sweets almost everyday  I will post how to make a Easy Tofu Tiramisu ! The recipe in Japanese is the bottom of this blog. ※日本語のレシピはブログ下段にあります。


・100gram silk tofu.

・100gram natural cheese

・50gram sugar

・one yolk.

・some buiscuts

・some cocoa powder

・some coffee


<how to make tofu teramisu>

(1) Pour coffee to buiscuts.

(2) Mix them.

(3)Place (2) in a dishes or glasses or any.

(4)Wrap the tofu with a paper towel and put a weight on it to drain well.

(5) The cheese into room temperature or microwave about 30sec to be a soft.

(6) Put the cheese, tofu, yolk,sugar in a bowl ( I prefer to add a little lemon juice (citrus juice))

(7)Beat cheese, tofu, yolk,sugar together until smooth and creamy. (Using blender also good)

(8)Put on (7) on the (3) and spread cocoa powder.

I spread armond and sesami, cocoa powder,matcha powder.

(9)Cool in the fridge.

(10) It's done!!














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