How to make decolative kamaboko かまぼこ飾り切り

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I would like to post about the way of two types of decolative kamaboko. Kamaboko is fishjelly (fishcake) product we eat sometimes , New Year in Osechi box especially. The recipe in Japanese is bottom of this blog.



a half bar of Kamaboko.

some tooth picks (numbers of roses)


<how to make rose kamaboko>


(1)Make the kamaboko 2slices thinly.

  (2) Roll up them one by one.

(3) Pin the edge of them using a tooth pick.

(4) It's done!!

<how to make tazuna (rope) kamaboko>

(1) Make the kamaboko 1cm slice.

(2)Peel the pink part leaving 2cm of the end.

(3)Cut 2cm in the center.

(4)Put the end through the hole.

(5)It's done !!

~Roses and Ropes Kamaboko~



















Hopefully you like them !!


I wanted to post how to make Nishime before New Year but I do not have enough time. This is the last recipe posting this year. Thank you for seeing my recipe bogs this year, I am looking forward to seeing next year !


Have a happy holiday ニコニコ


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