How to make Nejiri Konnyaku ねじり蒟蒻作り方

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Do you know Konnyaku? that is one of my favorite food, when I was in oversea I missed that very much. Konnyaku is made from Konjac corm, low calory food.

In New Year a lot of family eat ``Nisime``. It is boiled some vegitables, chicken and konnyaku we prefer to use flower ninjin and nejiki konnyaku in it.

The recipe in Japanese is the bottom of this blog.

こんにゃくをご存知ですか? こんにゃくはコンニャクイモから作られるカロリーの低い食べ物です、新年には野菜や鶏肉と一緒に煮て「煮しめ」を作る家庭が多いです、日本語のレシピはブログ下段にあります。


a bar of Konnyaku.


<How to make ``Nejiri Konnyaku``>

(1) Slice a bar of Konnyaku into 8mm.

(2) Cut in the middle and left 1cm at both ends.

Like this.

(3) Pass the end though a hole.

(4) It's done!!

This is how to make ``flower carrots``(花人参の作り方)→










It's really easy isn't it?

I will post ``Nishime`` before New Year !


Have a happy day ニコニコ


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