Santa Claus Sushi サンタ寿司

Hi there Konichiha~,


I often eat sushi on Christmas so since I was kid so I tried to make Santa Claus Sushi this year. The recipe in Japanese in the bottom of this blog.



★sushi rice★

250g steamed rice

20g  vinegar

5g sugar

2g salt



15g row tuna(sashimi) or imitation crub ← hut.

20g steamed or boiled salmon  ← face color.

a little sheet of seaweed ←eyes and mouth.

a piece of red sausage ←nose.

a little  mayonase ←hut.


(1)Prepare steamed rice 250g and add vinegar,sugar,salt while the rice still hot and slice though the rice using a rice paddle to separate the grains.

(2)Devide it into the rice 235g (face),15g(beard) ,5g(hut).

(3) Mix 235g rice and 20g salmon.

(4)Form (3) to Santa face.

(5)Form 10g rice to the beard.

The pink rice is for face and white rice is for beard.

(6)Prepare cut or sliced row tuna.

(7)Put on the tuna as the hut like this.

(8)Cut and make eyes and mouth with seaweed sheet.

(9) Form 5g rice to a top of hut.

(10)Decolate the eyes,mouth and draw a line with mayonase on the face and put a small white ball on the top of hut.

(11) It's done!!





ご飯 250g





まぐろ刺身 15g

ほぐし鮭 10g

板海苔 少々

赤いソーセージ 1片

マヨネーズ 少々



(2)混ぜたご飯を235g (顔用),15g(ひげ用) ,5g(帽子用)に分ける











Hope you like it !!

Have a nice week ニコニコ


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