Japanese Wagashi Christmas tree

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I tried to make Wagashi Christmas tree but not 100pure wagashi, it's easy to eat people who is not good at wagashi. I'm going to post a sweets and a dish for Christmas this week !!


The recipe in Japanese is the bottom of this blog.


<ingredients:3 christmas trees>

★for baked sweet potatoes★

200g sweet potato// 15g butter //25g sugar(or more if you needed)/ /15cc milk

★for white sweet beans (anko) cream★

150g boiled white sweet beans//10g sugar(or more if you needed)//10cc heavy cream // a little matca power (or green food coloring)

★for stars★

a little sweet rice powder (shiratamako)//a little water// a little yellow food coloring 

★for decolate★

a little colorful choco spray.


★Make inside of trees (bakesd sweet potatoes) ★

(1)Peel Japanese sweet potatoes and cut into chunks. Boil or steam until soft. Drain and mash while still hot. Insert skewer or folk into the center of the sweet potato and pull it out. when it is fully baked, there is no any wet batter on it.

(2)Add butter, sugar and milk to the mashed potatoes and mix well.

(3)Form the mashed potatoes into trees then Bake in the oven or toaster oven until the top is brown.

★Make outside of trees (white sweet anko cream)★

(1)Remove the beans skins ( if you don't care about beans skin you don't need this)

(2)Mash the beans.

(3)Add  heavy cream and sugar to the mashed beans and mix well, add the heavy cream little by little until it smooth.

(4)Add matcha powder (or green food coloring).

(5)Spread the cream to liike tree.


(6)Decorate the tree with colorful chocolate spray.

★Make stars for top on the trees (rice cake stars)

(1)Add a little water little by little to shiratama powder (sweet rice powder) and kned it until the powder get as tender as an earlobe.

(2)Add a little yellow food couring and mix well.

(3)Form the mixed shiratama powder into stars.

(4)Boil them for 5 min then put them into icy water (or cold water).

(5)Pad dry on paper towel.


(6)Joint the star and the tree to use a tooth pick.

(7) It's done !!

<ミニクリスマスツリーレシピ:日本語 3個分>
材料:安納芋(さつまいも)200g//バター15g//砂糖25g// 牛乳15㏄
白豆の甘煮 150g // 砂糖10g//生クリーム10g//抹茶パウダー少量(なければ緑の食紅)
(1) 安納芋(さつまいも)を皮をむき、小さく切ってから蒸す又は茹でて柔らかくする、つまようじやフォークで芋の中心をさして、中身がついてこなかったら完了。水を切り温かいうちに潰す。




Hope you like it !!

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