Easy Apple Cake with a pan.フライパンで林檎ケーキ

Hi there Konichiwa~,


It's time for yummy apples in Japan so I post a easy apple cake recipe!!



・a half of apple

・a bag of pancake mix(200g)with a egg and milk 150ml (follow the pancake mix instruction).





(1)Slice apples into 5mm.

(2)Heat butter in a frying pan until it melt and turn it off.

(3)Place apples in the pan.

(4)Mix a pancake mix follow the instruction. I use it Japanese one so mix with a egg and 150ml milk.

(5)Pour (4) on apple, cover and turn reheat to low for 5-10min.

(6)Cover and turn off the heat and leave for 5-10min until it is full baked.

Insert skewer or folk into the center of the pancake and pull it out. when it is fully baked, there is no any wet batter on it.

(7) Flip it over onto plate. I do it with a dish.

↓         ↓        ↓

Ups !! I couldn't place on the center(iДi)

(8)Cut into pieces.

(9)It's Done!! We love to eat with whipped cream(^~^)














Hope you like it !!

Have a nice weekend!!


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