Fish in Seto city Aichi 川上養鱒場で魚釣り

Hi there Konichiwa~,


There are some fish spots in Aichi, we had a nice time at one of them it is Kawakami Yomasujyo in Seto city Aichi. It is really in the moutain taking around 1hour from Nagoya and Kasugai.



People enjoy farm raised trouts fishing with 10 yen for a fish baid.  After you cought it, need to pay for your grams of it so before starting fish, we set our goal was three of them. The fishing rods are free.


Actually, we cleared our goal to spend for 90min after that we ordered our fresh fish cooking to ``glilled fish with salt ``,  ``fried fish`` and ``row fish (sashimi)``. They were very nice!!


There is a gort named ``Ichigo (strawberry)``.


<cooking fish charge・調理料金>

・fish 100gram/100g魚・・・ 200 yen

・grilled fish with salt/塩焼き・・・ 200 yen

・row fish (sashimi)/刺身 ・・・300 yen

・fried fish/フライ ・・・200 yen

・a bowl of rice/白米・・・200 yen

・red miso soup/味噌汁 ・・・150 yen.

・gobo pickles/山ごぼう・・・270 yen

・beer/ビール大 ・・・580 yen

・sake/酒・・・580 yen

・juice/ジュース・・・180 yen



The staffs are really nice !!



・Kawakami Yomasujyo web site→

(there is only Japanese)



Have a nice weekend!!


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