My favorite Kakinomi kinton 柿の実きんとん

Hi there, Konichiwa~


Kakinomi kuriinton is my favorite seasonable Kurikinton I have ever had. I look foward to it every winter !! 



The sweets is really tasty !! It is kurikinton wrapped in dried persimmon only  Dried persimmon is common every winter for long time in Japan also kurikinton is one of traditional sweets in Nathugawa. The kurikinton is made from candied chesnuts and Japanese sweet potato.


Before I moved in Aichi actually I do not like dried persimmon (I love persimmon love though)  and I eat the kakinomi kurikonto soon I love it, I will make some dried persimmon this year.



<The price>

・3 pieces of kakinomi kinton → 1,080円

・5 pieces of them→ 1,750円



This great sweets sell in Kawakamiya, five shops in Nakathugawa, Chubu central airport, Meitethu department store ( Nagoya station / Ichinomiya station / Toyohasi station) , some Isetan department stores in Kanto area and Entsthu department store in Hamamathu.



You can buy it on shop website as well but need to wait for 3 or more weeks.



Kawakamiya web site→

there are some English pages.



Have a nice weekend!!


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