How to make flower carrot 花人参の作り方

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Carrots is really popular food in Japan , we sometimes make decolated carrot as a flower  so I would like to post ``how to make a carrot flower``.

<<<How to make flower carrot>>>

1. Slice a carrot into 0.5-inch round.

2. Score it into six equal sections.

3. Cut it into v shape the end of each lines.

4. There are six petals now.

5. Round the edges of them.

6. Shape each their face diagonal. ( point is to do that on flat place)

7. Done !!

←After boiled .

・If you make it into 5 petals it is called `` Nejiri Ume`` in  Japanese.

・Peel a carrot skin if needed.







5.花びら1枚づつの表面を斜めに削ぎ立体感を作る (平らなところに置いて行うのがポイントです!)







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