How to make octopus sausages

There are many kind of decolated sausages, one of my son's favorites are `` octopus sausages`` so I would like to post ``how to make octopus sausages``.



<<How to make octopus sausage>>

(1) Cut a sausage into half.

( if you use short sausage you do not need )

(2) Devite 6slits as legs in the bottom half of each sausage like these (leg numbers're up to you).

(3) Boil or pan fry them

(4) Done!!!


(1)まず、ウインナーを2つに切る (短いウィンナーなら切らなくてOK)

(2)写真のようにして、切る。切り方は、6等分でも 8等分でもokです♪




Hope you like it☆

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