Halloween rice ball recipe

Hi there, Konbanwa~


Are you excited at Halloween?

I made some rice balls !!

These are recipe of skull and Jack O'Lantern rice balls.


☆How to make a skull rice ball☆

(1) Form the rice ball into a skull.


(2) Cut a sheet of seaweed into

eyes ,a nose and a mouth.


(3) Attach them to the rice balls.

(4) It's done !

☆How to make a Jack o Lantern rice ball☆

(1) Mix ketchup with cooked rice.

(2) Cut a sheet of seaweed into eyes, a nose and a mouth.

(3) Form the rice ball into a Jack O' Lantern.

(4)Attach the cut sheet to the rice ball.

(5) It's done!!

We had the rice balls as curry rice !!

My son really enjoyed to eat the skullニヤリ





(1)ご飯をがい骨の形に形成する (2)海苔をハサミなどで切り、がい骨の目・鼻・口を作る

(3)形成したがい骨に張り付ける (4)できあがり!




(1)ご飯とケチャップを混ぜる (2)そのご飯を、ジャックオーランタンの形に形成する


(4)形成したジャックオーランタンに張り付ける (5)できあがり!


Have a nice Halloween !!



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