Nagoya City Tram & Subway Museum in Nissin Aichi

Hi there Konichiha~,

 It's been cold and cold in Japan we might enjoy red yellow leaves soon !!


I would like to introduce about one of a FREE addmission tram and subway museum in Nisin Aichi It's called ``Nagoya City Tram & Subway Museum``.

The museum shows their older uniforms that used 50 years ago, subways and trams people can see inseide and a bit simulate of them.

Also, visitors are able to enjoy operating some model trains in a desplay.




And more ! there are some present Nagoya subways driving experience like video games, my son did Nagoya Higashiyama line at the picture.



My son was really satisfield at there and the admission free is soooo good for us(^∇^)



 That's 7min on foot from at Akaike station (Nagoya subway Thurumai line), between Nagoya and Akaike are 30min, we went there by car so free car parking as well.




・Nagoya City Tram & Subway Museum →

Have a nice time☆


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