Kasugai Festival information 春日井祭り2016

Hi there, Konichiha~

There is a ``KASUGAI FESTIVAL`` in this weekend.

We go there last year that's so fun !!



About ``Kasugai festival``

・Date : 15th and 16th October


・Place: around Kasugai city hall and Central Park near Kasugai city hall.



・Events on 15th: Wrinting Calligraphy show, Samurai stage show, Dances, Play shogi with woman proffesional shogi (go) player, Japanese drum (Wadaiko) stage, Masked Rider show (Kamen rider show)



・Events on 16th: A Heian age costumed parade, dances,Japanese srum (Wadaiko) show, Playing Karate show, Japanese horseback Archery, Magic show, SKE48show,



・Experiences for 2days: Play Shogi, Operate model trains, Color painting, Robots operating, job shadows and so on.



・Food and shopping for 2days: A lots of food stands and ramen noodle area and many castuses,autumn vegitables.



・Shatle buses: There are seven lines, they're from Kachigawa station (JRchuo line), Nikoyama Park, Toukaen, IshiodaiMinami, Kouzouji station (JR chuo line), tha mall Kasugai, Kasugai muninsipul hospital.


Also Nagoya festival is in this weekend !!

Have a good weekend~