Yanmer Museum in Nagahama Shiga ヤンマーミュージアム

Hi there, Konichiwa~



Yanmer is one of a famous Japanese engine manufacturer, my son and I had good time ``Yanmer Museum`` in Nagahama city in Shiga.



There are shuttle bus in weekend or national holidays from Nagahama station it takes only 5min, the admission fee is for adult 600yen under 15year to 6 year old is 300yen.


These characters are called ``Yambo and Mambo`` I forgot which is which, we had a ``Yambo Mambo weather report`` for 55 years the picture reminds me of my childhood.



In the museum there are tracters visitor can ride of cause, operating excavators trying balls scooping, a ship simulator (Yanmer makes ship engine as well), making a button badge, all activities are included the admission fee.


On a roof, there are a foot spa and a biotope, my son got wet...


After that we played at Nagahama rail road square and Keiunkan where is a National Site of Scenic Beauty there is a wonderful Japanese garden and a very nice historical Japanese building.


We stopped by Nagahama on the way home from Kanazawa, Nagahama is close to Maibara station it's 3stops between them for 10min, about 1hour from Nagoya, for 2hours from Kanazawa.




・Yanmer Museum → https://www.yanmar.com/jp/museum/

other lunguages→ https://www.yanmar.com/select_region/


・Nagahama rail square→






Have a nice time



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