Kanazawa trains and Tsuzumimon


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We had a really good time in Kanazawa August. One of a reason to visit there is seeing Kagayaki shinkansen, that's new line ``Hokuriku shinkansen``.



This train calls ``Hanayome-noren`` the word means blide traditional Japanese fabric dividers, it was tradional custom in Hokuriku. It's twice a day from Kanazawa to Wakuraonsen it is not everyday. The inside of trains are decolated like the Wajima lacquer and the Kagayuzen it'a very beautiful. The fare is 2750yen.



I would say this Tuzumi-mon is one of the reason the Kanazawa station is selected ``The World’s Most Beautiful Train Stations``. The gate expresses Japanese traditional hand drum.


この「鼓門」が、「世界で最も美しい駅」に選ばれた理由の1つじゃないかな~と思います。 この門は鼓をイメージして作られているようです。

The next day we moved to Nagahama city Shiga and visited Yanmar museum I will post about it next.





・Hanayomenoren trains →http://toretabi.com/train/west/train_02/index.html


・Hanayomenoren you tube movie→  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2KtXBR9n8-8


・The World’s Most Beautiful Train Stations → http://time.com/3816411/beautiful-train-stations/




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