Whole Orange Jello recipe.丸ごとオレンジゼリー。

(1) Crean a orange and cut it the 1 inch (2,3cm) from above and scoop the inside of the orange with a spoon and a knife.
(2) Squeeze the inside of orange and add 100 pure orange juice 200~300 ml .
(3) Pour the water into a pot add the ager powder and heat while stirring to dissolve.
(4) When the ager powder has dissolved,add a little suger and after boiled it leave a couple of mins.
(5) Transfer it to a container and mix with orange juice together
(6) Pour it into the hollowed orange skins.
(7) Let's cool ot to harder over30 min.
(8) Done!!
~ingredients ( 4 servings)~
4 orange / 800ml 100pure orange juice (depens on Orange amount) / 4g ager powder / 200ml water / 100 suger (to your taste).


My family loves this !!