Eat Catfish at Chyobo Inari in Gifu.千代保稲荷でナマズを食す。

Hi there, we were a summer holiday

and had a good time in Hamamathu Shizuoka (our parents there) I'll post about Hamamathu sightseeing someday.





The other day I've tried to eat ``catfish`` (it's called namazu in Japanese) at ``Chyobo-inari`` aka``ochobo san`` in Kaizu city Gifu it takes 50min by car or get a city bus at Gifuhasima station on tokaido bullet train (shinkansen).


We have over 80,000 shinto shrines in Japan, the  Ochobo-inari is the one of them also it is three major inari the others are Fushimi inari in Kyoto and Toyokawa inari in Aichi.









This is a explain about how to pray shinto shrines




☆One of my favorite bilingal you tuber explains that in English→



We went to a fish restaurant called ``Yamato`` on ochyobo san street. The restaurant started their business almost 100 years!! so nice historical Japanese restaurant.

A member of the Japanese imperial prince Akishino visited there and he had the catfish.


This is grilled catfish with sweet soy sauce!


A catfish lunch 1500yen

(rice/misosoup/catfish/cucumber picles/ templa)ナマズランチ1500円

Actually, eating catfish isn't usual and eel is more popular than that. I like eating eel really!




My husband ordered ``a salt glilled sweetfish'' lunch 1000yen.

(rice/soba noodle/law carp fish/a glilled seetfish)

あゆの塩焼きランチ 1000円


After lunch, we prayed our happiness at the ochobo inari and enjoyed mizu-manjyu (kudzu jelly cake) and kushikathu (deepfried pork stick) they were tasty !!



Chyobo Inari (ochobo san) web site→



Restaurant Yamato→

the resaturant on you tube→




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