NINJA experience at Ninja Museum of Igaryu.伊賀忍者博物館で忍者体験!!




Do you know Ninja?

Do you believe Ninja?

Ninja is one of a traditional culture in Japan.


Ninja Museum of Igaryu (ryu means style ) is in Igaueno city Mie.

It's about 10min from Ueno station ( Iga railway ) on foot also there is a Iga bus liner from Kyoto station takes 90min a return ticket is 3900yen (2100yen between 6 and 12 year old) included admission for the Ninja museum.







My family've been there in 2015 and my son and I tried to be Ninja !!


We changed the Ninja costumes (some colors are available) at Danjirikaikan where is very close to the Ninja museum and the Igaueno station.

To be a Ninja costume is 800yen per person and 1500yen between 4~15year old it's included three tickets Ninjya costume, admission of Ninja museum and throwing shuruken (ninjya starts).

Danjirikaikan shows daijiri festivals exhibitions.




It's quite nice, isn't it?




There're some Ninja and Ninja house. The Ninja house has trics so Ninja explained us about trics.



We had a nice time to see a history of Ninjia, thowing shuriken and there is the Igaueno catle.


You can see the catsle behind us.




After we enjoyed it we moved to a restaurant in front of the Ueno station as a ninja mother and ninja son with a normal outfit husband, at the museum there isn't many restaurant.





We missed the Ninja show, it's 400yen and you can see Ninja fights!!


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・Ninja Museum Igaryu⇒
・Iga ueno catstle⇒


One of my dominican ex-cowoker really believed Ninja before he lived in Japan but It's quite difficult to see Ninja in normal life if you wanna see Ninja I recommend this.

While I worn a Ninja costume some visitors asked some questions to me haha~





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