New Ultraman and Ultraman Club in Aichi.新しいウルトラマンとウルトラマンclub.

Konichiwa(Hi there)~



A new Ultraman started it's called ``Ultraman Orb`` my son's into the ultraman series really now. Actually I used to watch and was into it when I was child. We watch everyweek seriously.




A airport walk shopping mall in Toyoyama town Aichi has a Ultraman club it's huge and be able to see something ultraman almost all weekend and some ultraman activities at there. My son already saw ultraman mebius and wearing uniform and shake hunds then taking photos with him.






The ultraman club at Airport walk shopping mall is 30min by car from my house and there is a bus from the Nagoya station and kachigawa station the location is the next to the Nagoya Airport (domestic only).

The shopping mall is APITA. it's NOT AEON. The Apita is one of local super markets here (tokai area) but pretty bigger one. The shopping mall has many restaurants, shops, big book shop (kinokuniya),movie theater (midland cinema) and the ultraman club.








The airport walk's website→

Ultraman orb you tube→




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