A fireworks festival in Kasugai and october fest.名古屋オクトーバーフェストと春日井花火大会。

Hi there konichiwa,


It was the first time we've been to a fireworks festivel in Kasugai it held at Ochiai park every year it was

40th this year.The festival started around 6 there were many food stalls then we tried ``tamasen (put fried eggs between shrimp rice crackers)``, ``kyuri ipon zuke ( piclked cucumber)`` and `` ningyo yaki ( characters soft cookies)``and beer !



This is an ampanman ningyo yaki the ampanman is one of famous Japanese animation.

Ningyo means dolls you can eat fresh ningyo yaki in Asakusa Tokyo.

The fireworks were beautyful really it was about 45 min after that we lined the shattle bus 90min on the way to the Kachigawa station ( JR chuo line) lol......




The venue is pretty large so there's enogh place it was really better than other fire work festivals and some shattle buses are from the Kachigawa sta , Kasugai sta, Kozoji sta,Ajiyosi sta,Kasugai munincipal hospotal. If we'll go there again it's better to ride a bus from Kasugai munincipal the next time or just see fire work at the roof of shopping mall.





Before the festival we enjoyed an october festival at Hisaya park in Sakae Nagoya it holds every year that is Germany beer and food festival.

Sakae is one of popular spots in Nagoya it's 20min from the Kachigawa station (my nearest station) the lines are Chuo line and Higashiyama line.






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