Play a river at Iwayado Park in Seto.瀬戸の岩谷堂公園で川遊び。

Hi there,

Konichiwa (we use this greeting during the day)


We enjoyed a river in Aichi it's near Nagoya city the other day it's called ``Iwayado park`` it's about 60min from my house (Kasugai city ) and Nagoya city by car.

The park is in Seto city, Seto city is rich in nature and there is historical atmosphere also famous for ceramic art, it says ``setomono`` in Japanese, the setomono grew up in Seto and mono means thing so Seto-thing⇒setomono(meaning is seto no mono).

We got to the park at 9:30 am but already some people enjoy the river. The day wasn't  really hot so the river water is quite cold. 





The park has cherry blossoms in spring, the fireflies glow in June, pick goldfish and play in the river in s

ummer, Japanese maple leaves in autumn also we climed Iwasu mountain before (about 30min from the bottom) the top of mountain has nice view of Nagoya city.



We tried chocolate rice cake stick it's called ``chocomanto`` it was really nicer than we thought(・∀・)

Are you interested in Japanese? if so come to join my cooking class(・∀・)  




Have a good one(^O^)/