The Star Festivel. 七夕なので七夕ゼリー。

We have the star festival on 7th July every year It's called `` Tanabata ``  in Japan. The festival came from China in the Heian era and it spread among people in Edo era. We write our wishes on a bamboo tree.


I made some 「star festival jello」 to my family today☆彡

The yellow stars and circles're made of mochi (rice cakes) a little star dust is kinako (roasted soy bean flour). My son enjoyed to eat the big jello after his dinner :)

He made the star festival tree at his kindergarden so he looked happy to bring on the way home.

His tree has 5 funny things they're an egg plant and a cucumber (both of them are pupular Japanese summer vegitables) origami decorations , a space shattle and his wish it's 「I wanna see my granpa and granma more」he really love them.

My husband and I ate the jello with sweet alchohol☺

I will introduce Japanese things here if you have any requests let me know.


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Have a nice day :)