☆☆Make and Eat Japanese food at Japanese home☆☆☆

 Bonza Japanese Cooking has 6 classes・・・ NEW!! Ramen noodles from scratche, Udon noodle from scratch, sushi, DecolatveMochi(sticky rice), Japanese Homedish, WagashiSweets☆☆☆


 Make and Eat Ramen noodles from scratch.


 Homemade Ramen noodles.

・a little Japanese sweets or Japanese side dishdrinks.

We have theree 4type of soup flavors ( salt / soysouce / pork / Miso ) you choose one from the list.


Make and Eat Udon noodles from scratch.

4000yen/ per

・homemade Udon.

・a little Japanese sweets or Japanese side dishdrinks.

We have theree 4type of soup flavors ( hot /iced / dashi / curry ) so  you choose one from the list.

Make DecolativeMochi (decomochi) 

3000yen /per


DecolativeMochi(decomochi) is based on bekomochi which is Aomori localozed food, it is made from riceflour,suger,water. Enjoying cute dekomochi with many ways of eating. We are sure you can get memorable experiences with new kinds of Japanese rice cake! now it is special half price do not miss it (^^)

Make Wagashi sweets (Japanese traditional sweets)

3000yen /per

Wagashi sweets is one of the  Japanese traditional sweets we have felt seasons by wagashi sweets for a long time.You can make character is from ANIME/MANGA.


・Wagashi・drinks ( if you have maccha green tea you will try making it). ・Origami chopstick rest. Seasonable wagashi is available !!we make Hydrangea wagashi sweets jelly and Nerikiri art (Anime/Manga character in June.)

Making SUSHI. 

5000yen/ per

・7~8pieces of temari sushi 

・misosoup ・drinks・Japanese sweets or side dish.

Japanese homestyle dish.  

5000yen/ per

・2 Japanese home dishes ・misosoup 


・ Japanese sweets




・We can pick you up at hotels or stations in Nagoya  if you would like to.

・Creating ORIGAMI chopstick rest (Japanese knife rest)

・Drinks⇒matcha bowl / barley tea / Japanese green tea / tea /coffee

・Making Japanese soup stock (dashi) from a bar of dried bonito and dried kelp

Under 6 years old are free.

・A group more than two people will get 300yen off each person.



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